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Marshall Foster is a Humanitarian Photographer who has filmed and photographed in over 25 countries worldwide. His passion is for people, and for revealing the issues and numerous challenges they may face.

Marshall was a pleasure to work with, and his photos exceeded all of our expectations. He is not just a photographer, but also a storyteller who helps you know the lives of his subjects. Easy-going, professional, and above all talented, we are grateful to Marshall for his support capturing our work in Zambia!

Carey Carpenter – Partnerships Manager - Live Well/Care International

Marshall Foster is a storyteller. He uses pictures instead of words and, if a picture paints a thousand words, his images speak volumes.Michael Hatley - Vice President Family Legacy“Looking through Marshall’s work, you’ll undoubtedly notice his versatility. During a three-week project in Zambia, I put that versatility to the test. Marshall shot photos and video, informal and formal portraits, interior and exterior architecture, and documented a wide variety of real-world events. Throughout it all, he captured some wonderful, often extraordinary images—while continually maintaining an accommodating and positive attitude. All that to say, he’s an extremely talented photographer and a pleasure to work with.”Carl Warner - Chief Creative Officer / HCategory Marshall's ability to capture the heart and soul of our mission in a compassionate, respectful way is a true gift. His images and video have done an amazing job of telling the story and promoting involvement in what we do. Dru Collie - Sole Hope"The images & footage Marshall was able to capture have been instrumental in educating and reaching our supporters. Through the lens Marshall was able to elegantly and respectfully capture the heart of our organization."Jason Segner - Director of Healing Faith Uganda

Marshall Foster - Humanitarian Photographer

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